Saturday, August 25, 2007

Was There A Real King Arthur?

I found a good history book at the library for mystery loving learners, Mysteries of History by Robert Stewart. With topics like Why Did the Pharaohs Build the Pyramids?, Was Marco Polo a Great Explorer or a Liar?, Was Napoleon Poisoned?, Why Did the Hindenburg Explode? and Was There a Real King Arthur?, inquiring minds are sure to read.

Each topic has a duel timeline that highlights events pertinent to the question or person along with world or national events. There are also art images, photographs, maps, and pertinent quotes gleaned from primary sources. Possibilities and evidence are presented.

These mysteries are not solved in the 9 or 10 pages devoted to each question, but the discussion is interesting for tweens and adults alike. I like that it shows that history doesn't have all the answers written in a text book, that science can be used to verify history, and that humans impact history through interpretation and writing.

The plan was to only use the sections of the book that relate to Medieval/Renaissance History:
  • Did Rome Really Fall?
  • Was There a Real King Arthur?
  • What Happened to the Knights Templars?
  • Was Marco Polo a Great Explorer or a Liar?
  • Who Built Great Zimbabwe and Why?
  • And perhaps, Did the Chinese Beat Christopher Columbus to the New World?
But, restricting the study will be difficult with such scintillating questions, pictures, and information.

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