Thursday, January 25, 2007

The List - Picture Books

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As promised, here is THE LIST! This task was more difficult than I imagined. I could name a few from memory, then I went to the children's bookcases. Each asked what I was doing and I told them I wanted to make a list of our absolute must have picture books. At this point, they both started screaming favorites and pulling them off the shelf. We eventually chose books that had been read until the pages acquired that old book feeling or the covers were taped. After the list was finished, I realized that there were still treasured books that were not represented. These are in a random order.
Miss Suzy
Miriam Young
Arnold Loebel
Great story and pictures. This is one from my childhood. I always enjoyed the good winning over menacing.
Diane Cannon

You have beautiful nature pictures, a story about growing older while retaining your inner youth, and the "perfect figure eight." What more could you need?
Miss Twiggley's Tree
Dorothea Warren Fox

A wonderful story about a woman who eschewed typical society coming to the aid of the the town that snubbed her. I love the idea of tree houses if you haven't noticed.
The Complete Curious George
Margaret and H.A. Rey

My mother gave this volume to me, because I loved Curious George when I was young. We have read the cover off this book.
Leo Lionni

Validation of the poet, not to mention cute little mice.
Over on the Farm
Christopher Gunson

I'm not usually much on counting books, but my sister gave my son this book when he was very young and the pages have been worn to that wonderful patina because the pictures and words are wonderfully happy.
The Raft
Jim LaMarche

Wonderful paintings and wonderful story about a boy interacting with nature on a raft.
Mike Mulligan
Virginia Lee Burton

Love the tale of problem solving.
The Quiltmaker's Gift
Jeff Brumbeau
Gail De Marcken
Beautiful quilt pictures and a magical story about giving.
Don and Audrey Wood

The drawings of the fingers with their piggy personalities are priceless.
Toot and Puddle
Holly Hobbie

Mud Season
The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
Don and Audrey Wood

The drawings and the power of invention.
The Runaway Bunny
Margaret Wise Brown

The power of a mother's love
Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak

The pictures and the reality of the tantrum
The Little Engine That Could
Watty Piper

New Shoes, Red Shoes
Susan Rollings

Bright, happy shoe images that my daughter could not resist
My Many Colored Days
Dr. Suess

Color and the reality that not all days are
The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter

Who can live without Peter and Jeremy Fisher
The Lorax
Dr. Suess

It's never too early to start teaching about environmental stress.
Peach and Blue
Sarah Kilborne

Wonderful story of how someone else's view can improve our own.
Douglas Florian

Interesting pictures and cute insect poems
The Foot Book
Dr. Suess

I know this one by heart because I read it over and over and over and over
No Matter What
Debi Glori

Again, a mother's love overcomes a bad day. "Do you still love me; Do you still care?" Of course, I do.
Something From Nothing
Phoebe Gilman

Beautiful pictures and story. The mice images on the bottom of each page are wonderful.
In a Small, Small Pond
Denise Fleming

Bright, interesting pictures and happy words and pond life.
The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit
Joel Chandler Harris
Dan Daily
Trickster tales, especially Tar Baby
Aesop's Fables

Jerry Pinkney
Great pictures and classic tales

What have I forgotten? Here's Becky's list. Zilla's list is in the comments section of the last post. Where's your list?

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